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Get bonuses worth ₹5,000+, absolutely FREE, if you book the call in next 4 HOURS:-

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Are you struggling with breastfeeding your little one? Are concerns about low milk supply and improper latching taking away from the joy of motherhood?

You are not alone in this journey, many new mothers face these challenges.

Imagine a world where breastfeeding is no longer a source of worry but a special bond you share with your baby.

Imagine knowing that your baby is receiving all the nourishment they need, watching them grow healthy and strong.

What Our Clients Say

You may think

“I’ve tried everything, how can an eBook or webinar help?”

But what if these resources were created by an experienced lactation consultant who has already helped thousands of mothers?

What if they contain the solutions that you’ve been desperately seeking?

About The Consultant

Hi, I’m Dr. Tanima Singhal, a Lactation Consultant and Pregnancy Educator with 14+ years of experience.

As a mother of two, I understand the struggles new mothers face with breastfeeding.

My mission is to provide scientifically backed advice, and I’ve helped thousands of mothers increase their breast milk supply naturally.

My dedication to women’s and child healthcare has earned me awards, and the founder of Maa Si Care Clinic in Lucknow, I strive to support every mother on their breastfeeding journey.

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 you deserve.

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