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Breastfeeding Made Simple: Unlock the Secrets of Successful Breastfeeding in a 20-Minute Consultation

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Motherhood can be  overwhelming, especially when breastfeeding becomes a struggle.

We understand the restless nights, the confusion over infant nutrition, the challenge of combining work and motherhood, and the loneliness of not having expert guidance at your fingertips.

Our thoughtful online consultations address these challenges head-on.

Our gentle guidance and experienced insights aim to erase the confusion of breastfeeding, turning those restless, teary-eyed nights into tranquil moments of connection, all within the comfort of your home.

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After taking consultation, you'll:

Understand breastfeeding techniques that work for you.

Increase your confidence in your natural nourishment ability.

Make the journey of motherhood more fulfilling and less stressful.

Say goodbye to formula feeding and embrace the harmony of natural nourishment.

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About Us

Dr. Tanima Singhal, a certified doctor and lactation consultant with a 16-year tenure, leads a dedicated team at Maa-Si Care Clinic in Lucknow. Specialized in Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) and Early Childhood Development (ECD), the clinic provides extensive services, including pregnancy care, breastfeeding counselling, and relactation guidance.

Dr. Singhal’s qualifications, combined with her and her team’s unwavering dedication, have led to thousands of successful health transformations.

They offer both in-person and online consultations, ensuring accessible healthcare for all. Their collective efforts have been lauded nationwide, establishing them as leaders in women and child health.

What Mothers Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any mother, dealing with breastfeeding issues.

We will first go through your past history, present status, then discuss your challenges and then give
you a personalized treatment protocol for the number of days she wants you to follow.

Than you have to follow up with
her with the results where she will further guide you about either maintenance or further improvement.

Medicines are based on past and present history and status. Doctor will decide if they are required or not and guide

Ans- Working with thousands of mothers, we have seen mothers seeing results in 3-4 days starting the treatment but
since every mother is different, every circumstance, every challenge, every baby is different.

It’s advisable to follow
Phase 1 treatment and based on the results doctor will be in a better position to tell how much time will it take to get
full desired results.

Yes of course, our online consultation results are very satisfactory. You can check yourself on Google, Instagram,
Facebook, YouTube where thousands of mothers have expressed their gratitude on how we have guided and
helped them in their most emotional phase of motherhood.

In fact, 80% of mothers who consult are referred to us either by a fellow mother or her doctor or her relatives.

30% to 40% of mothers who contact us are working moms. We have been through this journey
so understand the issues very well.

Her practical solutions which include time management, mixed approach of pump/
hand expression with direct breastfeeding along with solid food timings will help you to continue your breastfeeding
journey as long as both you and your baby wants.

We will assess your current routine and breastfeeding status
and guide you accordingly.

With twin babies mothers need support not only for breastfeeding issues but also to manage time with both babies

We have many successful cases of twin baby’s moms.

With a rich experience of 16 + years working with different
issues of mothers, we are your safest salvation for best feeding issues even for twin babies.

This is the most common issue which mother’s reach out to us for.

Yes, it is very much possible. Frequent
breastfeeding and feeding for longer time can be easily resolved by working on supply and latch issues.

We will
assess the root cause and guide you accordingly.

Also, will assess the results and teach you too how to understand your
baby’s demand by hunger cues and other parameters of knowing nutrition status and requirements of your baby.

We will give you a mixed approach keeping in mind your apprehension for low milk supply.

Once you
are confident about your milk supply even after reducing your pumping sessions and will see your baby latching on
breast, we will teach you how to assess your baby’s growth.

So with the confidence and support from the doctor,
you will be able to achieve your goal.

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